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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

1933 Early Morning Frost SOLD!

11" x 14" / 28 x 35.5 oil on panel

Just finished, another wintry landscape, along the same country road as the last painting, just a bit further along. Both buildings are abandoned and forlorn but are still picturesque on this cold and frosty morning. To the left, what looks like a dead tree is actually a telephone pole adorned with the remnants of  dead ivy entwined around it. Ivy is everywhere here and finds many trees to encircle and grow up into.


Carol Flatt said...

A lovely painting, Diana! You have so many beautiful and paint-able scenes in Ireland! You've managed to make the scene LOOK chilly and very serene. Love this!!

hmuxo said...

Excellent painting Diana.....as well as your previous wintry scene. I'm still not ready for Winter and i'm in denial!! Lol. Since Hurricane Sandy we still have SO many homes here abandoned because they're still waiting for help financially to rebuild!!! SO sad.

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