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Portrait and Pet Portrait Commissions 

 Portrait Price Guidelines 2011 - 2012
Head and Shoulders  

                                                                 for each additional person             

25  x 30 cms                                €280     (+    €95   add. person)
30 x 40 cms                                 €310      (+    €125  add. person)
40 x 50 cms                                 €475      (+    €195  add. person)
50 x 60 cms                                 €710      (+     €250 add. person)

NB: These prices are for head and shoulders only

If you would like your portrait painted to any other size, format or configuration please contact me for a quote        

                                                                 additional animal    
25  x 30 cms                                €250    ( +    €95  add. animal)
30 x 40 cms                                 €275     ( +    €105 add. animal)
40 x 50 cms                                 €400    (  +    €175  add. animal)
50 x 60 cms                                 €650     ( +     €195 add. animal)

~ How to Commission a Pet Portrait~
Similar guidelines apply for portraits of persons and photographing the person to be portrayed, whether it be a child or adult.

Clear, high resolution photographs are essential for me to paint from to get a good likeness and a painting worth displaying in your home.

  • If you would like to commission an oil painting of a particular animal or a pet, all you need to do is send me some clear, high resolution photographs either by email or post (see below for tips on photographing your pet for a painting). It is important to have a good quality photograph so that I am able to see the detail in the animal's features and therefore achieve the best results.
  • A 20% deposit is required before I start the painting   On completion of the painting, I will email you a photograph of it. Once you have seen this and are completely happy with it, then the rest of the payment can be made securely online by Pay Pal,  Irish customers can also send a cheque. I give an unconditional guarantee in that you are not obliged to buy the finished painting if you decide not to. 
A good quality photograph will enable me to achieve the best results.
  • If possible, photograph your pet outside in natural lighting and will show their colours and markings most accurately. However, avoid strong sunlight as this may make areas of the photo too bright or cast dark shadows. A bright but overcast day is ideal.
  • If you're unable to photograph outside, try to photograph in an area that is well lit with natural light, such as near a window. Avoid using the flash or having indoor lights on.
  • Ideally to take the best photgraph be on eye level with your pet, avoid taking the photo either looking down or up at them, as this may result in an unflattering pose.
  • So I can see the detail of your pet's features, it is important to have a clear, high resolution photograph. If you have a zoom lens, all the better! If not, just try to get at a close distance whilst staying in focus. A nice shot of the head and shoulders would be ideal.

Tell me about your companion animal and their name, I love hearing their stories and knowing something about their history and personality, this makes the photos you send me "come alive". I think about their stories  while I am painting, this helps me capture their personality as well as their likeness.

If you already have some suitable photographs of your pet then feel free to send me some. If, sadly, your pet has passed away and you're unsure as to whether the photographs that you do have are suitable, then you're more than welcome to send me them and I'll get back to you.  

 Contact me by  email to discuss your requirements.


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