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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

1932 Who Lived Here? SOLD

11" x 14" / 28 x 35.5 cm oil on panel

There is a very pleasant walk not far from me, a narrow country lane almost a track in places, a few farmers and other people live along there but also at least 5 uninhabited houses and cottages that are slowly sliding into decay and this is one of them. I wonder who had lived here and why they left and let their property fall into a ruin. The interesting thing about this cottage is that it is semi-detached and the other half of the house is lived in and well cared for.


Carol Flatt said...

There is something saddening about a derelict, abandoned home. Hopefully, before it is too far gone someone will pick it up and make it habitable again. It needs people! Your painting of it is wonderful, Diana! Is that snow or frost I see on the roof?

Diana Marshall said...

Hi Carol,
There is frost on the roof that is just beginning to melt in the sun. We very rarely get snow here in Ireland, the weather tending to be temperate all year around, and of course plenty of rain and wind from the Atlantic.

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