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Saturday, 11 June 2016

1891 'Looking' - with WIP photos

60 x 60 cm (24 x 24ins) oil on canvas

This one has taken me quite awhile to finish, I had to call it 'done' otherwise I wouldn't have stopped fiddling with it! I took a few wip (work in progress) shots so you can see some of my process.

drawing and provisional background

Blocking in

Blocking in done

The second layer of paint

Add the mane and change colour of background and refine tones, signed and finished!


hmuxo said...

And finished beautifully!!!!!!

Carol Flatt said...

I love your subtle tones of blue/gray in the shadows and on his mane. A majestic subject with harmonious color!

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi there Diana!... Always wonderful to share WIF's! "Seeing" the thinking... is often as beneficial as the final painting stage in isolation. It's the journey that should always carry with iot the greater weight and vaue in our creative processes.

Your equine moment catches a sense of "horse play" that can exist with these intelligent creatures - if one is open to that playful and quiet "conversation". HA HA!!!

Thank you for you visit and uplifting comments at my site. Appreciated greatly

Good Painting!
WQarmest regards,

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