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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

1881 By Candle Light

6" x 8" = 15 x 20 cm, framed, ready to hang

I finished this painting a few days ago and didn't get around to posting it, small paintings like this sometimes take as long to paint as larger ones.

 I bought these miniature sweet peppers at a local shop, they taste more aromatic than their big brothers, I'm saving their seeds and may try to grow one or two plants. The weather here is very windy and not very warm so they will need quite a bit of protection.


Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Diana,
Lovely composition. That is a great candle holder. We've had lots of rain and wind too. We do have some little green shoots in the garden that I hope survive the still cold mornings. Enjoy your day!

hmuxo said...

This is beautiful Diana and on such a small canvas!!!! My sister barbecued these small peppers this week...OMG!!! SO good!

Carol Flatt said...

Beautiful color combination, Diana! I love blue and white pottery and dishes. Peppers are fun to grow! I wish you success with your efforts! This area is really great for growing peppers. It's hot and dry which is what they love!

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