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Sunday, 29 March 2015

1791 A Pretty Pitcher

30 x 60cm oil on canvas, to be framed

I have several unfinished paintings waiting for me, but my ideas are born faster than my paintbrush can fly, I really should  be more disciplined and paint more and ignore my distracting thoughts.

This is one of my recent favourites, I bought the pitcher - jug with a set of teacups in auction recently and thought it had such a nice shape and pretty roses that I had to feature it in a painting, so voila here it is!!


Carol Blackburn said...

Diana, this is beautiful. I love all the elements combined. I do understand about all the thoughts about paintings you want to do and how they can clog up the works. I have folders of ideas on my table with sketches and photographs in them of projected paintings to do and not a one started. I tend to enjoy the researching and planning better than the doing. I have a fear of failure that is difficult to shake.

Carol Flatt said...

Lovely, Diana. I love the neutrals here and the pops of color in the tulip leaves and garlic. The detail on the pitcher is fabulous.

hmuxo said...

This is AMAZING and so realistic!!
I love it!!!!!! The colors in the garlic ...the perfect reflection in the vase ...the pattern in the vase...all gorgeous!!

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