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Monday, 10 November 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

I was honored to be asked to participate in the "Around the World Blog Hop" by my  talented artist blogger friend Carol Flatt, here are a few of her pastel paintings to whet your appetite.

Love the use of colour in her work scrumptious!

My best subjects at school were art, needlework and cookery. I decided, after seeing another students work, that I was no good at painting and gave it up, what decisions we make at such tender ages decide our future. I am so glad that later in my life I reversed that decision after not questioning it for so long. 

What Am I working On?

I am working on a still life painting using mainly white objects, I painted one similar and exhibited it among 75 others at a recent exhibition during the Opera and Art Festival in Wexford, Ireland. It received so much positive attention that I knew that I would be painting more with that theme.
Here are some WIP photos (work in Progress)

  The composition is sketched in and the shadows and darker areas painted with thin paint.

This is the first layer and has now been left to dry, more layers will follow to refine colours and shapes, final layer will be the highlights.

How Does My Work Differ From Others of Its Genre?

That's a tough question! My style has crystallized over time painting loosely was my goal but realizing that by my very nature I am a perfectionist. I thought then that I would give in to my natural tendencies and paint tightly and realistically. Everyone has their own style and unique take on their craft and I think that ultimately, we must be true to ourselves.

Why Do I Create What I Do?

I have had many jobs in my life that I have not enjoyed doing, a creative person needs to create, it is an urge and makes us happy and fulfilled. I have found my ultimate 'job' and I love it, maybe I saved the best for last!

 How Does My Creative Process Work?

First I have an idea, when it comes to still lifes,
I set up objects until I have what I want, the positions, the composition and lighting are very important. For a set up with perishable items or complicated patterns I will also photograph the set-up. I work from life and also my computer screen. As shown above with my WIPS you can see first hand my process.

I will be followed by Eithna Joyce a multi -talented Irish artist from the West of Ireland, please also visit her web-site to see her hauntingly beautiful drawings and paintings of Irish rural scenes both abstract and realistic.


Carol Blackburn said...

Wonderful blog post Diana. I hope things are good with you.

hmuxo said...

Beautiful post, Diana!!! I love Carol Flatt's work as well! She is amazing!! and your roses!!! one of my favorites of your work..they look so realistic!

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