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Monday, 29 September 2014

1759 Fifty Shades of White SOLD

40 x 80 cm / 16" x 32" oil on canvas

I'm sure you can guess why I chose that title! Not the easiest painting I have ever attempted either. It's off to the framers today with it and four others, I have three others in various states of finish too.


Carol Blackburn said...

Wow, not easy to do, all that white! You are certainly a master at it.

hmuxo said...

FANTASTIC painting, Diana! The title is perfect because you never realize how many shades of white there are!!! Gorgeous work!

suzanneberry said...

I LOVE THIS!!! One of your very best! So beautifully done!

Carol Flatt said...

Beautiful, Diana! A fine example of the many variations of white (it's amazing), and how the light varies on the different shapes. This took exemplary planning!!

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Diana!... Your painting is quite simply... elegant... and "fifty shades... the other side of perfect"... in my humble opinion!

Magical! Bravo!

Good Painting... and Happy Fall!
Warmest regards,

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