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Thursday, 13 June 2013

1671 Olive Cup & Kinvara Harbour

8" x 6" oil on panel

This one was a labour of love, I sometimes think that painting on a small canvas takes as much time as painting larger ones, I really should stop myself from painting complicated still lifes so small, and opt for much simpler subject matter.


Bruce Sherman said...

Good Morning Diana!.. Youa are right! Smaller format though challenging demands of one... just what you have shown in this painterly little study - Focus on the subject... thoughtfully!

The harbour scene reflects how poorly we transition graceful historical architecture from the past to fit current needs and standards... ie the windows and sky lights... a pity in a visual sense ... however practical the need!

I guess that a good artistic eye... and "licence' can straighten out that problem! HA HA!!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

suzanneberry said...

Love this Diana!!!

Carol Blackburn said...

Lovely Diana. Hope things are good with you.

hmuxo said...

This is such a beautiful piece, Diana! The olives are good enough to eat....I've been away on vacation and missed some of your paintings...love them all!!!

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Complex and beautifully painted! You have so much courage to try such a still life!

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