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Monday, 18 March 2013

1652 Elixier

16" x 16" oil on panel

Here's a looser painting using both brush and palette knife, it is featuring a large copper jug that I bought recently at a general sale auction along with a couple of other copper and brass items.

 I've got a few paintings on the go at the moment that are just waiting for me to finish them, I think I prefer getting one finished before going on to the next one as I lose momentum and interest, but sometimes I have to wait for the paint to dry before carrying on, the disadvantage of oil paint. I have a drawer full of acrylics that I might dig out and use sometime, they sure dry fast.

I've just noticed that my keyboard is covered in paint spatters, I'm a messy painter I must admit, my hubby always laughs at my painted face when we stop for lunch, and most of my clothes have paint on them somewhere too ;)


hmuxo said...

BEAUTIFUL painting, Diana!!! I love this copper can and I think I have these green and brown bottles down in my basement somewhere!!! LOL(my husband collects old bottles and perfume bottles..) and as always, your lemons look so realistic...
wonderful work!!

Diana Marshall said...

Hi hmuxo,
Thanks for your comments,you got to dig out those bottles and get painting my dear!

Happy painting....


Carol Flatt said...

Wonderful composition, Diana, of the elements in this painting. The red stripe adds a wonderful lead-in and color pop.

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