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Friday, 30 November 2012

1632 Not like the Others SOLD

8" x 11" oil on panel  SOLD

I'm enjoying myself so much creating these looser still lifes and trying to think up new and different ones.

Congrats to Carrie Waller for winning the Outstanding Watercolor Award in the Bold Brush Competition. To see her amazing painting   click  here  and all the other wonderful paintings.


Carol Flatt said...

Diana, your work is just beautiful. I love what you're doing with edges in your still lifes. Your colors are so pure and you have a real gift with composition. I want to definitely be a follower of your blog!

hmuxo said...

Gorgeous piece, Diana!!! VERY unique.!! The foil is outstanding!!!

Bruce Sherman said...

Good Morning!... I love that you always "push the envelope" in creating your designs and that your masterful handling of textures is "spot on."

Your work... though in the genre of high realism... invites viewer involvement and thought. I came away from viewing today's work with the thought... perhaps even an alternate title idea...."Foiled... again!" HA HA!! Great fun Diana!

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

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