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Sunday, 3 April 2011

1437 It's a Pear !

6" x 6" collage on panel

I have been wanting to try my hand at collage for a long time and I finally got around to it after seeing a lovely one on Carol Schiff's blog. I had even bought some books way back when, from a junk shop specifically for this purpose.

I keep reading that one should build up a body of work in one style, medium and subject, but I get bored easily and I need to chop and change about, and I guess I only need to seek my approval!

I had great fun creating this, even if it was rather messy and I'm still peeling off the glue from my fingers this morning.
Three cheers for creativity and diversity I say!!!


Carol Blackburn said...

Ok Diana, it is lovely but, I figured you'd try a cat first. Is one coming soon? Beautiful pear.

Kay said...

super!!! I have saved so many papers and detritus over the years to try in collage and never gotten around to it! Good for you! I understand your need to try new things. I was saying I was all over the place but a good friend said I was versatile..that sounds so much better! You are indeed versatile!

Carol Schiff Studio said...

Oh, this is great! So glad you gave it a try Diana! Hope you enjoyed it. I don't think collage will ever surpass painting,for me, but it is fun to give it a try now and then.

Diana Marshall said...

Hey Carol B. I will have to try to create a kitty with collage but I thought that I would start off with an easy shape!

That's a great way of looking at it, I like it, Versatile ;)

Carol S
Yes really enjoyed it, but much more work than painting ... all those itty bitty bits of paper, took me ages to clean up after too

Linda Nickles said...

This is beautiful . . . and I bet you had a lot of fun creating it. Great job!

Art with Liz said...

Well done on a great collage work Diana. This is terrific.

Diana Marshall said...

Thanks Linda and Liz
Yes it was fun will do more in the future.

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