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Thursday, 10 March 2011

1425 Two of a Kind SOLD

10" x 5" = 25.4 x 12.7 cmt. oil on panel

These beauties took me three days to complete and an immense amount of 'fiddling' to get the colours and the tones just right and finally I think this is finished at last.

Red oil paint tends to be translucent exept of course the cad. reds and the slowest drying colour too. I use alkyd paints for the most part as I love their fast drying times although they seem to be more translucent than ordinary oil paints with less covering power which can throw up some problems, but like all problems you have to figure out a solution. I am also trying out a new format and have had  a number of boards cut in this elongated  size and a few larger and smaller, I like to experiement with new things some work some don't!


Carol DeMumbrum said...

Beautiful! Love the background colors and the reflection on the table. Great job! Also love the format.

bricarwaller said...

Stunning Diana! These are spot on, absolutely beautiful!!!

Linda Nickles said...

These red peppers are absolutely exquisite! Really well done.

suzanneberry said...

these gave me gooseflesh!! they are in a word stunning diana, just stunning! so much character and charm.

Dana Cooper said...

These peppers are so beautifully painted Diana, you really captured the light beautifully...great transitions too!

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