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Monday, 10 January 2011

1393 Satin & Sparkles SOLD

6" x 6" = 15 x 15 cms oil on canvas, sides painted 

Number two painting of my glam high heels series this time I posed them on a rather chic satin shawl with it's own sparkly fringe (not featured) both shawl and shoes I picked up in my local charity shop for a few Euros, it is a wonderful source for still life objects.
I haven't made my New Years Resolutions yet (I guess I'm a bit afraid of not reaching my goals) but I think I will have to be a bit braver and resolute, I have a number of goals swimming around in my brain so my first goal is to define them and post them here, did I really type that  eeek!?


Pam Holnback said...

Fun piece!

Carol Blackburn said...

Snappy shoes, Diana.....ready to dance the night away in these?
I couldn't stand in them myself.
I'm a flats gal.

Millie said...

From sneakers to sheer elegance. Wow those high heels look so fabulous. I love high heels, but I can never wear the open toed. My toes are too long and they tend to protrude LOL

Kay said...

I love the pink and sparkles

Happy Little Trees Studio said...

Oh my gosh...I want those shoes!!!

Kim Blair said...

Love the pinks with the sparkles!

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