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Sunday, 19 December 2010


6" x 5" oil on panel
Another one of my practice paintings.

I have decided that in the new year I want to figure out where I want to go with my painting, of course I would love to earn my living from painting, but I am way off from that. I want to figure out the best way forward and what subjects, style and format I want to concentrate on. I think that I have been jumping around a lot this year in my style and techniques I am at the moment very unclear what to do and I'm not sure how I'm going to get this epiphany.  There are many artists who stick to one genre and style and perfect it and their art is recognizable anywhere. I guess I have to become single minded and find  my niche and stick with it, it's just finding it!


Carol Schiff Studio said...

I understand what you are saying. I too jump from one style to another and one genre to another. In my case, I have decided to keep this as a hobby and just enjoy. If you want to make a living from it, I think you DO have to decide on a specific genre and charge ahead! Qiang Huang decided to do still life but he thought old style still life was dead and uninteresting. So he keeps his paintings very dark and neutral with intense color on the center of interest. Very dramatic.

Good luck!

Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Diana, I understand what you are saying too. Since I am a fairly new artist I try many different things and now think I want to do more with my watercolor so that's what I've been doing and will do all winter. I would like to be selling more of my art my the time I retire in a few years. A painting or two a year sold is nice but one or two a month would be nicer.

Pam Holnback said...

If you are happy w/ what you're doing, then just keep going. As long as you create everyday, that is what counts. The rest will come.

Anonymous said...

I have the same dilemma but I paint what I like and what interests me even if they are not my strongest subject, as long as I keep improving I'm happy. Sales are always a lovely surprise - that someone spends their hard-earned cash on my painting is a great compliment. Happy Christmas.

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