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Thursday, 8 July 2010

Portrait Workshop

I have just finished taking part in my first 3 day portrait workshop given by Susan Carlin from San Antonio, Texas, a gifted portrait artist, here she is pictured doing a demo, who came all the way to Dublin to teach this workshop. I had 'met' Susan before through our blogs and watching her paint on ustream, and was so excited to actually be able to take part in one of her workshops here on my doorstep too, what a treat.
We spent 2 days painting from reference photos and the third day we were lucky enough to have a live model for the whole day. I have learnt so much in these three days, that when I came home and looked at my previous paintings I saw them with new eyes and I can see how much I need to improve my painting skills and  my drawing skills and painting looser and with more confidence.
Painting from a live model is a whole new ball game for me, never having found anybody who would willingly sit for me. I found it very daunting and couldn't get the drawing at all right after 3 wipe outs Susan came to my rescue.
I managed to paint 4 portraits that are all work in progress 3 of which I will post below.

   The last painting was from the live model.
After the official workshop was over Susan painted a portrait of her host Jan Hyland which she broadcast live on ustream , some of us stayed to watch, a wonderful portrait in an hour!


Carol Blackburn said...

This is very interesting. Thanks for sharing it, Diana. I haven't done a portrait in awhile. Hmmmm, next project. Maybe! Have a wonderful evening.

Vicky said...

What a marvelous experience for you!!

Millie said...

How lucky you are to be able to take the portrait workshop. You did well with the portraits you posted. I was recently in Seattle and I thought of you :-)

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