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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

1264 'Singing for his Supper'

9" x 12" oil on gessoed board

This man was singing at the entrance of Pike Place Market in Seattle the famous indoor market that sells everything from fruit & veg to magic tricks and a great place to get some interesting ref photos, like this gentleman..I have a few more that I will tackle sooner or later.
This was a tricky subject with a lot of shapes to get right and angles. I had to photograph it 3 times as every time on looking at the resulting photo, I found things that needed correcting.


L.Holm said...

Absolutely love the compositional structure of this, Diana. It's so strong. And the little stuffed donkey peaking out of the case! This is wonderful.

Linda Schweitzer said...

Very nice, Diana. Makes me want to smile!

Catherine Jeffrey said...

Hi Diana
Thanks for stopping by my blog and thanks for the positive comments. It doesn't always rain in Toronto, but it has been a very rainy summer. I just love the scenes created by the rain.
I really like the way this picture tells a story. The singers personality really comes through. "Taking in the view" is a wonderful painting. Great lighting and sense of space.

DEB said...

What a nice painting...great job!

Liza said...

LOVE this painting, he looks like a right character. But for me, the stuffed toy just cheekily peeking out of the guitar case makes this a special painting that puts a twinkle in your eye.

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