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Sunday, 7 June 2009

1242 'So Much Attention'

12" x 12" oil on masonite
I bought a sheet of Masonite or MDF as we call it in England at the local hardware store, and had them cut it for me into various sizes, which was a lot of work for some poor fellow! So now I have over 30 boards for about $10, which was a great bargain. I have primed this board with black gesso and it was a new experience painting on this slick surface, and something I have to get used to. I found that if I used bristle brushes it tended to remove the paint rather than put it on, so I used soft synthetic flats.
This is a painting of a scene from a recent trip to our local park with my daughter's dog Sunny, he is a child magnet and every little one on the playground wanting to pet him, which of course he doesn't mind at all! These three little girls all couldn't get enough of him.

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