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Saturday, 27 June 2009

1248 after 'Ecstasy'

14" x 18" oil on canvas 
This is a painting for the web-site 'Following the Masters' the original 'Ecstasy' is by Maxfield Parrish and is a much larger painting. This is my rendering of his painting, I loved painting the clouds with all their subtle tones, and the blue of the sky I created through several layers of glazes, using french ultra marine and Liquin, as U.M. is a translucent colour it was quite hard to apply without forming streaks. With a lot of softening and blending I got there in the end. I used a very limited palette to complete this project and enjoyed immensely the whole painting of it.

Thursday, 18 June 2009

1247 'A Road Less Travelled' SOLD

8" x 10" oil on canvas panel 
This is a scene somewhere along the road leading out of Monroe, it was so still and peaceful with only the occasional automobile passing through. I noticed the patterns of light and shade on the road surface and the whole scene in it's simplicity appealed to me. However photographing my painting proved to be more difficult. The shadows look very blue, on my painting they are much grayer. I have adjusted the colours the best I could and this is the result!

Monday, 15 June 2009

1246 'Roses on the Roof'

12" x 12" oil on gessoed board

This tumble down building or maybe is it a shed, was next to the barn from my previous painting. It looked so pretty covered in pale pink rambling roses, I am guessing its a wild rose as I have seen many around here blooming at the moment. The wood of the building had mellowed over time into this silvery grey with just the hint of its original colour here and there. The thought that this painting might end up looking a bit 'kitschy' did cross my mind,

Sunday, 14 June 2009

1245 'Red Barn'

8" x 10" oil on masonite 
Yesterday my daughter and I drove out of Monroe on the way to Sultan, I spotted this beautiful old barn and 2 equally beautiful horses in the field in front of it. We both snapped away and got lots of good shots. Later at another beauty spot by a river after taking what I thought would be some more ref photos to paint I realized that there was no memory stick in my camera!! fortunately Katy had taken a few of the barn so not all was lost.
Anyway I got cracking today and painted this one after a lot of cropping and fiddling till I decided on this composition.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

1244 ' Brian' NFS

8" x 10" oil on masonite
With this portrait I wanted to stay loose and paint with not too many brushstrokes which was difficult as I do like to perfect things, that's my perfectionist nature!
I painted this on black gessoed masonite which was again a challenge so different from working on canvas.

Monday, 8 June 2009

1243 'Summer Abundance'

8" x 10" oil on masonite 
This is my DSFDF offering, I really enjoyed painting this one yesterday and it was one of those paintings that just flowed off my brush without hesitation. It's great when that happens!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

1242 'So Much Attention'

12" x 12" oil on masonite
I bought a sheet of Masonite or MDF as we call it in England at the local hardware store, and had them cut it for me into various sizes, which was a lot of work for some poor fellow! So now I have over 30 boards for about $10, which was a great bargain. I have primed this board with black gesso and it was a new experience painting on this slick surface, and something I have to get used to. I found that if I used bristle brushes it tended to remove the paint rather than put it on, so I used soft synthetic flats.
This is a painting of a scene from a recent trip to our local park with my daughter's dog Sunny, he is a child magnet and every little one on the playground wanting to pet him, which of course he doesn't mind at all! These three little girls all couldn't get enough of him.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

1241 'First Teeth' NFS - commission

12" x 10" oil on stretched canvas
This little sweetie, I painted for a lady who resides in the care-home that my daughter works in.
The baby girl is her great-granddaughter, I hope she likes it!
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