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Friday, 16 May 2008


6" x 8" oil on gessoed board


Here is the portrait that I said I was going to paint, it is of my daughter Liza - she groaned when she saw what I was going to paint!!
Normaly I would use a grid when painting a portrait but after seeing Susan Carlin's painting video I thought I would try to paint without it, well it aint easy!!** this was a real tweaker to get everything in its right place, size and angle. I painted it yesterday and this morning I re-did the mouth (wrong angle) I think I'm pleased with it now. (I think I'm getting wrinkles from so much squinting)


Susan Carlin said...

Ok, I'm completely blown away. Liza must be, too. This is so great, and so tiny!
But squinting should NOT give you wrinkles. This is how you squint: lean your head back a bit, bring your eyelids down like you're pretending to be asleep, but looking through your eyelashes. You don't wrinkle up when you want someone to think you're sleeping... and you get the same effect- looking through your eyelashes: The only difference is the leaning your head back part. Holding your head up means you're having to wrinkle nose and eyes to bring the lower lids up, not bring the upper lids down. No more wrinkles! So there. Love the painting, Diana. I don't have anything "on" you. You're a terrific portrait painter.

Anonymous said...

This is a terrific portrait Diana.

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