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Wednesday, 27 February 2008

'Got a Handle on This' SOLD

6" x 6" oil on canvas board

Back to still-life as you can see, the biggest challenge of this one were all those elipses, thank goodness for mirrors, also a photo shows up flaws as well.
P.S. You can see the Spanish blue sky in the reflection on the green jug, so I think I will go and sit in the sunshine for a while and take in a few rays.


dave said...

hi Dianne soething up with my email, can't reply!
Some real nice work recently I have to admit I have got involved with an art forum About.com:painting and it has taken oer a bit from blogging! elipses! been (trying to) teachinf about them this week, laways a challenge. Obas interesting I took a photo of a real high pile soeone has assembled on a local beach must find it and send it when email recovers.
Main thing about teaching is whatever you thig is simple and will take half an hour will usually take whole lesson and could easily be halfed to make 2 lessons, don't kill yourself trying to make too much progress too quickly with learners, they should be enjoying these early lessons in simplicity comlications come later!

Barbara Pask said...

This is really nice. Love the reflections in the jug. I do love still lifes. Happy painting. Barb

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