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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

'Sunrise Reflections' (available)

8" x 10" inches (aprox. 20 x 25 centimeters)
This painting looks a lot better than the photo, I have tried to photograph it in different lights but all with poor results.
Yes I know it looks a bit 'kitchy' but that's how it really looked. I got up early one morning and noticed the sky looking promising, so I grabbed my camera and dog and hoofed it down to the beach where I took loads of great pics. Sometimes you have to grab the moment and go for it, that sunrise was spectacular even before the sun had broken the horizon the colours of the sea and sky were breathtaking.

1 comment:

dave said...

hi I'm glad you found the photo's feel free to use them if you wish.
Like your most recent red peppers, really good. Sea and sun pictures also nice, I usually go out in the morning on my bike and often photograph the sunrise.
My camera is an Olympus Stylus 710whatever that means,I am a complete amateur as far as cameras ans photography is concerned, point and snap!

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