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Saturday, 17 November 2007

'Pretty in Pink' (available)

8" x 10" acrylics on canvas
Here's another rose painting, which I am pleased with. I almost finished it last night but I was just too tired and did my final tweaks this morning and photographed it and cropped it which all takes time. I seem to spend many hours a day on the computer, brilliant invention, I don't know how I managed without it!

1 comment:

dave said...

hi there, the group exhibition was not too bad although I got angry at someone for moving one of my painting from what I thought was a fairly good position to what I thought was a really rubbish position and I had to humbly apologise later!
I sold a small painting of a big breakfast for 2.99 which is what I figured a breakfast would (or should)cost.
I think the perspective in your paintng is fine, I think 100% accuracy is unneccessary.Like the rose thought I think it would be better in oil.

RE:Am i just being modest mmmm.?
I shall have to ponder that one. I have a bit of skill but lack the determination and have no vision whatsoever artistically speaking; I see stuff:I paint it, but often I just watch telly (what's the telly like in Spain?) ((you are in Spain: I don't always read stuff properly like instruction booklets for new cameras)).
Anyway do you not miss foggy mornings with all that Spanish sunshine?

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